The so-called flex housing arrangement gives you the opportunity to buy an all-year house outside town and use it as a holiday house, with no residency requirement. That means you can buy a house in the country with lots of space for the family and quick access to the fjord. No matter where the house is situated in the Municipality of Skive, you are never more than 12 km away from the water.

You can use the house as a holiday house, but beyond that you may use it to try out a new area, before you and your family decide to move to the Skive region. If you use the house as a holiday house you may later on choose to live in it as an all-year house.

If you want a flex housing arrangement you get the permission from the local authorities. Please send a letter to:

Skive Kommune
Plan og Byg, Teknisk Forvaltning
Rådhuspladsen 2
7800 Skive

Publiceret 22-10-2015