Low square metre prices in the Municipality of Skive means you can afford something more, something larger and something better. The economic advantages by living in Skive make it an obvious place to settle down and start a Family.

A model family in the Municipality of Skive has the 12th highest disposable amount in the country*). So shows a calculation for 2014 made by the magazine Penge og Privatøkonomi. By comparison Aarhus is number 80 on the list, while Copenhagen comes in as number 93. At the bottom lies Frederiksberg, thus being the most expensive municipality in the country to live in.

The disposable amount for a model family in Skive is DKK 391,789. For an Aarhus family it is DKK 300,752, while for a family in Copenhagen it is DKK 242,476. When looking at the differences of DKK 91,037 and DKK 149,313 per year, respectively, you will find that a Skive family can easily afford a trip or two to Copenhagen to go to the Opera or the Tivoli Gardens, if that’s what you need. It takes 50 minutes by plane from Karup, and there should be enough money for an overnight stay too at a hotel in the capital.


*)Disposable amount is the amount, which a model family of two adults and two children with a car and a house of 140 m2 will have left, when fixed expenses for the bank, the mortgage credit institution, the insurance company, taxes and day care have been paid. In brief, what’s left to live on. The model family has a total income of DKK 800,000, shared as DKK 500,000 and DKK 300,000.

Publiceret 11-11-2016