The Vester family lives in the old vicarage in the village of Thise. They live within cycling distance of most things and close to everything else – in a little El Dorado, as Søren describes it. Søren is a designer, he is well-known for his oblique approach to things, and he is always working on creative projects.

Søren and Dorthe used to live in Copenhagen, but they wanted more space, more nature and a closer distance to the grand parents. Today, they don’t miss life on Amagerbrogade in Copenhagen at all. On the contrary, says Søren. - The coolest thing about living here is that we have all options. So many people won’t believe me, but there’s plenty to do here. I’d rather say: Show me the thing you cannot do out here.

The family appreciates the active community in the village. - Thise is a very strong gathering point. And many people contribute a lot, there are so many who really want the community. People are good at starting things, helping one another and taking care of one another and of the children who are biking and scuttling all around. - Children have a happy childhood in a place like this, tells Dorthe, who works 500 metres from home, at Thise Dairy.

Publiceret 15-11-2016