In the battle of the Danish Youth Council’s award as Youth Municipality of the Year 2015 the Municipality of Skive was elected to be Denmark’s second best youth municipality.

The jury was impressed with the municipality’s work with the common student council and the youth council, and the marked results in the municipality to attract and maintain students in the youth education programmes. Also the work with the “event maker education” and the employment of a part-time mentor excited the jury, just as involvement of young people in the work to frame a new youth policy also received acclaim.

The fine rank also pleases the young themselves:
- It’s fantastic that here we get the opportunity to impact our own everyday life that much. And I think it’s so good that the municipality wants to involve us in some of the political decisions and actually listens to what we have to say. I am not sure that many other young people are allowed to have a hand in it somehow when the municipality writes a new youth policy, says head of the youth council in Skive, Simone Vestergaard Laursen.

Publiceret 22-10-2015