Children and young people in Skive must learn about the many qualities and values of the region, all manifested in PURE LIFE. They must meet with and explore the culture, nature and trade of the region, so they feel where they come from and understand where they are going.

The municipal primary and lower secondary school in Skive has its own characteristic feature. As a part of the school reform the schools developed a number of “tracks” that involve the local capacities, such as the music school, artists, the public library, the teachers’ college and specialists from different fields of teaching at the open school. In this way the municipal primary and lower secondary school in Skive helps strengthening the children’s local identity.

We call it “our school for all our children”. Here your child is allowed to become even better to what he or she is already good at – and your child gets help with the difficult matters – both professionally and socially.

Publiceret 17-07-2017