The Madsen Larsen family moved to Glyngøre last year. They love the intimacy that surrounds their everyday life in school, day care and in the village. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone feels secure. They make active use of the immediate environment with the forest and the fjord, so the children have the chance to sense and explore the animals and the plants.

-As a child here you have every opportunity to play in the forest, to make hideouts and to go to the beach. It’s the unique children’s life you give to your children here, because you have so many options, Brian states.

-We go to the beach and dig in the sand, and throw some stones and walk along some of the paths in the forest, and collect cones and watch the animals. The kids enjoy it, too – to get dirty and gambol and watch nature and the animals. To get out and experience things, Natasja adds.

Publiceret 15-11-2016