Culture is alive in the entire Skive region. There is a strong and good music environment with many opportunities, but it doesn’t stop here. Cultural life sprouts and grows in creative settings, locally rooted qualities, and many people who really go for it. The citizens take an active part in cultural life, and they leave their own mark on it.

Art may be experienced in a number of local galleries, the art museum and as open-air art in public places – for example in the sculpture village of Selde, where experimental sculpture tests are made in a unique cooperation with the village inhabitants, artists, and the municipality.

For those interested in history the region offers exciting museum experiences and lots of activities. Nanna and Jeppe Aakjær’ artist’s home of Jenle is open to visitors and frames the yearly Jenle-party, and Denmark’s oldest medieval castle of Spøttrup is every summer animated for a number of cultural events.

Publiceret 11-11-2016