Rasmus, Frederik, Steffen and Kim represent Rasmus Trinderup with band. They won the Skive Band Battle this year, and they form one of the upcoming bands that grew out from the music environment in Skive - an environment that they describe as good and strong, not at least for young musicians.

-The young people in Skive have many opportunities to play music. You can do it in many places, and there are so many you can play with, tells Frederik, who is a teacher in the after school classes, and so is Rasmus.

-There are so many options for young people here. In the after school classes we have open scene events and boot camps. KULT’en is a place where you can meet over the music – here are rehearsal rooms and concerts. And then we have a damn fine music school where you can start on an instrument pretty young, and there are qualified teachers who know how to take care of children and teach them how to play music, Rasmus adds.

Publiceret 15-11-2016