Skive’s trade promotion policy defines a clear goal to create 3,300 new jobs before 2020. In order to achieve that goal we are working on a large number of development efforts, just as we emphasise the efficient and professional servicing of our present and future companies very much. We are proud to have one of the country’s shortest casework times in our technical administration, and should you need any further assistance or coordination of some large projects you are most welcome to contact Anders Storgaard Rask, appointed as trade promotion and development manager ad interim, and being the contact person in our “One entrance to the Municipality of Skive” service.

The department of Trade and Development is the main co-ordinator of the action plans of the trade promotion policy, but the efforts are made across administrations and in more than one department. On project level a large number of external collaborators are involved as well, such as local companies, educational institutions, professional organisations, employers' associations, the Region of Central Jutland, and not at least the Skive Business and Tourist Centre.

The Skive Business and Tourist Centre entered into a performance contract with the municipality to perform a number of development and service tasks towards the local trade and industry and the entrepreneurs in the region.

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Publiceret 30-03-2017