The KIS House is a cooperation between 34 Skive companies – including Skive Municipality as an organisation. It is a unique housing offer for young people who are - for a long or short period of time - working as a trainee, or in a company in the Skive region.

With the KIS House you have an obvious chance to try out living in Skive. In the KIS House you become part of a professional and social community in a homely atmosphere. You have your own flat with private bath and toilet. Kitchen, common areas and activity room are shared with the other occupants.

As a resident in the KIS House you have the opportunity to participate in regular activities and events, such as for instance inspirational tours, presentations or visits to the companies and attractions in the region.

You may live in the KIS House, if you are:

  • a university student or PhD student

  • highly educated and newly appointed in one of Skive’s private or public companies

  • stationed in a Skive company

  • a highly educated commuter in need of accommodation in Skive on working days

  • a professional athlete in one of Skive’s highly profiled sports Clubs


You may stay in the house as long as you work as a trainee or in a Skive company, however, not for more than a year.

The monthly rent is DKK 3,500 for one-room flats, and DKK 4,000 / 4,500 for two-room flats. The price includes water, heat, electricity and internet.

There is no deposit, and the flats must when moving out be handed over in the same condition as when moving in.

Publiceret 25-11-2016