The Municipality of Skive has approx. 2,200 companies, most of them of micro, small and medium size. Only a few may be categorised as “big” companies, in return they employ a large part of the labour force. Here we are talking about innovative manufacturing companies within for instance the electronics, the metal-working and the machinery industries.

A number of these Skive companies are Denmark’s, Europe’s and even the world’s leading companies within offshore, wind power, climate control, electronics cooling, etc., and the companies operate on some of the largest international growth markets. Today they have a large growth potential, and they want to make use of it by means of well-qualified labour.

Within food production Skive has particularly one significant manufacturer, famous for its good taste. Every day Thise Dairy supplies organic milk products to aware consumers all over the country and on the export markets. In the Skive region Thise Dairy is also known as a locally dedicated company and as an important workplace with good values.

Publiceret 25-11-2016