Mid-town Skive hums with activity in the summer. Skive Trade, Skive Jazz Club, Muse®um, the Skive Theatre, The Skive Library, The Skive Sports Co-operation, and the Municipality of Skive all joined forces to make mid-town funny and sparkling with ”Summer in Skive”. From June till September 80 different cultural and sports events take place in the small town streets.

Art is part of the townscape in Skive. Already when driving into Skive one of the 11 stars will welcome you – Skive’s 11 roundabouts – designed by the world famous designer from Skive, Jacob Jensen. And then, when you go shopping in the mid-town network of cosy pedestrian streets you meet with small works of art everywhere, all creating an unique expression in the urban environment.

In the pedestrian street there is a small stream, and a fountain has been established in one of the squares. In the winter period this square is transformed into a large ice rink, to the delight of anyone, young and old, while in the summer a green hilly landscape is set up, making room for a breather in-between shopping.

Publiceret 11-11-2016