For many years we had our focus on creating unique settings for the citizens’ leisure life. We are one of the municipalities in Denmark with most square metres for leisure activities at our disposal per citizen. And the unique thing is that the societies and sports club in the region can free of charge utilise the facilities, all being of first quality.

And that’s also why we were so happy, when in 2013 the Sports Confederation of Denmark elected us to be the best sports municipality in Denmark, in a survey based on no less than 22 parameters within facilities, economy, voluntariness and sports policy.

In the sports clubs we see a considerably large number of active and volunteers, and we can offer a variety of sport types that are usually seen only in the big municipalities. We are in the top-class when it comes to handball, football, harness racing, athletics, taekwondo, boxing, badminton, golf, BMX, gymnastics, dance, bowling, shooting, windsurfing, yachting and others.

Every year we have a large event in the municipality, where we acclaim the Danish, Nordic and world champions of the year. Usually, we congratulate almost 100 champions!

Publiceret 22-10-2015